Water Softeners

Top Of The Line Water Softener Systems and Conditioners

Tank 1:
The process starts in tank #1, where harmful chemicals that may be in your water are reduced using an NSF certified catalytic coconut shell carbon. Chlorine,Chloramines, bad taste and odors are also removed during this process, so you get high quality, great tasting drinking water from every tap in your house!

Tank #1 Removes:

Harmful chemicals




Tank 2:
The final water treatment process occurs in tank #2, where your water is softened using the ion exchange water treatment process. This treatment prevents Calcium scale from forming in your hot water heater, dishwasher, coffee maker and other hot water appliances.

Other benefits include:

No mineral deposits on dishes and glassware

No soap build-up on shower walls and doors

No more “bad hair days”

No dry, itchy skin

Brighter laundry

Better tasting beverages

Better quality water for your health!