Eliminate Rust Stains and “Rotten Egg” Odors

Water Treatment Solutions AIO
Air Injection Oxidizing System

Iron and Sulphur are two of the most common elements found in nature. While both are extremely important for everyday life, both are a nuisance in water and can cost you money and frustration.

Iron staining is a common problem in homes today. It causes orange staining on fixtures, as well as dingy clothes and sometimes can have negative effects on both hair and skin. Sulfur is easily detected by the presence of a “rotten egg” odor, and is sometimes associated with yellow staining.

All of these problems can be eliminated with the Water Treatment Solutions AIO Air Injection Oxidizing Filtration System.

Iron and Sulphur Removal

Protect your Appliances

By reducing the iron and sulfur buildup in your water your appliances will last longer. Rust and slime buildup make your appliances work harder and less efficiently, requiring more maintenance or replacement.

Using Nature’s Own Process
These naturally occurring elements can be removed using nature’s own process of oxidation. The Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions (NWTS) AIO maintains an “air pocket” in the top of the tank while the system is in service. As water passes thru the air pocket, iron and sulfur are oxidized. The NWTS AIO filter media bed then removes the oxidized iron and sulfur from the water. Additionally, dissolved is added to the water.

Efficient and Chemical Free


The NWTS AIO Air Injection Filter System, as a single tank system, is an efficient and cost effective system. The need for additional equipment… air tanks, feed pumps, or harsh chemicals (like those used in Manganese Greensand Systems) is virtually eliminated*

*Will not remove calcium or hardness from water, there may be a need for a water softener after the NWTS AIO.

Proven Technology

The NWTS AIO system features the “C-Series” electronic control valve that automatically backwashes the system to clean the media and flush everything down the drain. By utilizing

a patented process in the control valve, the NWTS AIO is able to put the whole oxidation process inside of one tank, keeping maintenance costs and down time to a minimum.

The NWTS AIO can remove up to 8 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide and up to 7 ppm Iron. A daily backwash removes accumulated iron and replenishes the filter media bed. The regeneration process also adds a fresh pocket of air to the system.

Many water supplies contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium), iron, rust, and sediment. These minerals form a scale and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems. Nelsen water conditioners and drinking water systems are designed to reduce these unwanted contaminants providing your family with a refreshing difference, saving you money now and in the years ahead.

Benefits of a Water Treatment System

IN THE BATHROOM: Your soap and shampoo will lather better. Your hair and skin will feel noticeably cleaner, softer and not as dry. Additionally, there will be no soap scum or mineral deposits to clean off sinks, showers, tub and toilets.
IN THE KITCHEN: Dishes will clean up more easily, and be spot free, without the gray film glass gets when etched by mineral laden wear. Plus hands will feel softer and look better.
IN THE LAUNDRY: Clothes will be softer, cleaner, whiter and brighter, and last longer. Using soft water and pure soap products increases the life of clothing, towels and linens up to 33%. Without hard water service issues, washing machines will last longer, too.
PLUMBING AND APPLIANCES: Appliances that use water will last longer and run better. Why? Because water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers using hard water can wear out 30% faster.

Over time, soft water savings can really add up. For instance, conditioned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces the amount of soap you need to use by up to 70%. In fact, the Bureau of Statistics found that between 17 and 20.8 cents of every dollar are spent on cleaning products. Soft water can reduce that bill by up to 65%. It can also eliminate extra rinse cycles and hot water. Plus using less detergent, household cleaners and chemicals is better for the environment.

C-Series Softeners

Nelsen brand water conditioners and filtration products have been providing homeowners with the best water treatment solutions for more than 50 years. Working with the professional water treatment dealer, your new Nelsen water treatment system will fit your exact needs and provide you with years of quality, conditioned water.

The C Series Control Valve

The C Series control valve has been engineered to provide years of trouble-free service. The key to the exceptional quality of the C Series control valve is in the state-of-art design. The C Series valve is one of the most advanced controls available.

Important Features:

  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
  • Three modes of operation meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock delayed
  • Double backwash feature, offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability, and efficiency
  • 36 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles
  • Days override feature 1-28 day’s available
  • Backwash and brining ability to 21″ diameter tanks
  • Downflow/upflow regeneration
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in a non volatile memory
  • Capacitor back-up with two-hour power carry over
  • 12 volt transformer provides safe and easy installation
  • Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates
  • Treated water regenerate refill

Additional Features Of the Nelsen Brand Water Conditioning Systems
High quality, cation water softener exchange resin. Tough, high density, polyethylene salt storage tank. Additional features available to match any décor. Full five year control valve warranty, ten year tank warranty. Electricity cost per month is approximately 10 cents.

Whole House Filtration

Iron, tastes and odors, hydrogen sulfide (Sulphur), manganese, acid water conditions, etc. all contribute to water quality problems. Nelsen brand water filtration systems have been providing homeowners with the best water treatment solutions for more than 50 years. Working with the professional water treatment dealer, your new Nelsen water treatment system will fit you exact needs and provide you with years of quality, conditioned water.

Nelsen Brand, whole home water filter systems reduce these substances in your water:
Iron, Rust, Hydrogen Sulfide – Rotten Egg Odor
Sediment, Excess Chlorine Odor, Manganese, Arsenic

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