Water Treatment for Your Sanford Property

Professional Water Treatment - The Water Doctor in Sanford FloridaIf you’re looking for cleaner, healthier drinking water, or trying to rid your home or business of water that emits a sulfur smell or a high level of iron content, The Water Doctor can help.

We can outfit your Sanford home in Lake County with efficient water treatment options that will have an exceptional effect on how your water looks, feels, smells, and tastes.

Water Filtration Systems Sanford

Water Filtration Systems SanfordJ.C. Galloway and Son (The Water Doctor) pride themselves on providing high-quality, environmentally friendly water treatment that is safe and healthy for you and your family.

We now offer well water treatment systems that eliminate the need to use chlorine or bleach—providing you with cleaner, safer water, longer life for your carbon and less maintenance to your system.

The Water Doctor also provides iron and sulfur removal for Sanford water that is completely chemical-free and very effective. Our iron zapping system eliminates iron stains and the rotten egg smell that corrupts your water.

If you’re looking for water treatment, water filtration, or water purification for your Sanford, FL home or business, call The Water Doctor today, 386-985-9960.