Water Softeners

We carry a full line of water softeners and comprehensive water treatment systems - ranging in size, functions, efficiency, price and warranty. We give you choices and options - not just one or two items.

OUR WATER softeners will work for you in ensuring that your entire house receives the benefits of soft, clean water. You'll be able to taste the freshness of sweet corn, feel the softness of a new shirt and say goodbye to that film around the tub.

And our systems won't just do good work, they will look good too with our professional installations. Contact us today.

Premium Series Water Softener Systems

Safeway Water
Made in America

Premium Series Water Conditioner with “Smart” Electronics for Greater Efficiency and our Ten Year Limited Warranty!

Premium Series water softener systemFeatures & benefits:

  • “Smart” electronics for greater efficiency
  • Requires less salt! (see chart below)
  • Custom brine tank with marking to indicate salt level
  • Audible "add salt" reminder
  • Premium Dow® 10% cross-linked resin for long life and greater capacity
  • Designer tanks with decorative tank collars
  • By-pass valve is included
  • Brine tanks come with overflow prevention
  • All components are USA made
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Ten year limited warranty - complete system!

Salt usage comparison chart:

Softener Type Resin Cleaning
(Per cycle)
Salt Required
to recover
1000 grains
of hardness
Standard metered valve Uses a fixed amount of regenerate per cleaning cycle. 9 lbs.
(To recover 25,000 grains of hardness.)
0.36 lbs.
Safeway Water® Premium Series softeners with advanced electronics with “Smart” resin cleaning. Programmed to regenerate 50% of the resin bed for greater efficiency using less salt per cleaning cycle. 4 lbs.
(To recover 15,000 grains of hardness, set to clean at 50% capacity.)
0.27 lbs.
Savings = 25% With Premium Series Softeners

Signature Series Water Softener Systems

Safeway Water® high effciency water conditioning systems offer both high performance and affordable prices!

Water Softeners

Features & benefits:

  • Valves operate at lower salt settings to reduce salt usage by 40% or more per regeneration.
  • Systems use 57% less water per regeneration compared to mechanical metered valves.
  • Operation data is displayed on the valve's large LED screen so you always know what's going on.
  • All cycles are adjustable so your valve may be programmed for your particular requirements.

Safeway Water conditioning systems come with our NSF certified, electronic control valve featuring advanced diagnostics. Safeway Water conditioning systems come with our NSF certified, electronic control valve featuring advanced diagnostics. Systems include by-pass; mineral tank; resin; brine tank with safety float to prevent brine water overflow; brine well; salt grid and the best warranty in the business!

Triple Treat Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Systems for whole house filtration and water conditioning!

Triple Treat Water System

Twin Tank System

Tank 1

Tank 1:
The process starts in tank #1, where harmful chemicals that may be in your water are reduced using an NSF certified activated carbon. Chlorine, bad taste and odors are also removed during this process, so you get high quality, great tasting drinking water from every tap in your house!

Tank #1 Removes:

  • Harmful chemicals
  • Tastes
  • Chlorine
  • Odors

Tank 2:
The final water treatment process occurs in tank #2, where your water is softened using the ion exchange water treatment process. This treatment prevents Calcium scale from forming in your hot water heater, dishwasher, coffee maker and other hot water appliances.

Other benefits include:

  • No mineral deposits on dishes and glassware
  • No soap build-up on shower walls and doors
  • No more "bad hair days"
  • No dry, itchy skin
  • Brighter laundry
  • Better tasting beverages
  • Better quality water for your health!

Tank 2

Single Tank System

Get three treatments for one low price with our ALL-IN-ONE Triple Treat Water® System. Here's how it works...

Triple Treat Single Tank water conditioning systemStep 1: Chemical Removal
Water enters the multi-media tank from the top and ows through our special blend of NSF certied catalytic coconut shell carbon. During this process, potentially harmful chemicals such as VOC’s, pesticides, industrial chemicals, benzene, ethyl bromide, cleaning compounds, cresol and chemicals used in fertilizers are removed.

Step 2: Filtration for Chlorine Taste & Odor Removal
As water continues to flow through the catalytic coconut shell carbon bed, Chlorine tastes & odors and Chloramines are removed through adsorption, adding a “sweet” taste to your water.

Step 3: Water Conditioning
During the final treatment process, Calcium, Magnesium and other water hardness minerals are removed from your water to provide soft water for whole house water treatment and conditioning.