Sulfur Shield Systems

Sulfur Shield - provides 5 step suflur treatment for your water.

How Sulfur Shield WorksNO SULFUR ODORS!
You will enjoy your water more without the "rotten egg" odors!

We've used this same technology for years with our Iron Zapper® systems. Now, with the 5 step Sulfur Shield Filtration process and additional media, performance is dramatically improved!

Sulfur Shield systems require little maintenance. Simply set it and forget it!

Save money without oxidizing chemicals and by eliminating the need for an expensive chemical feed pump!*

Removal Efficiencies:

Contaminant Removal*
Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur odor) 8 ppm
Iron 15 ppm
Manganese 5 ppm

*Maximum concentrations without chemicals for oxidation.

Chemical-free Water Treatment For The "Troublesome Trio"

Made in AmericaHydrogen Sulfide, Iron and Manganese are referred to in the water treatment industry as the "troublesome trio" because they are difficult to remove from water without using oxidizing chemicals.

SULFUR SHIELD™ systems remove sulfur odors from water without the use of chemicals by providing five-step filtration. As a result, greater filtration efficiencies are achieved.

Although Sulfur Shield systems work without the use of chemicals for oxidation, chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide may be required if your water contains bacteria or iron bacteria. If this is a concern site evaluation and testing is recommended.

*Provided chemicals are not needed for disinfection.

The Water Doctor specializes in water testing and water filtration systems including iron and sulfur removal for the central Florida area including: DeLand, Sanford, Daytona Beach, DeBary, Ormond Beach, and beyond. Contact us today to discuss any sulfur smells in your water system.