Call The Water Doctor for Dependable Water Treatment in Palm Coast, FL

Since 1996, J.C. Galloway and Son has used the highest quality equipment and most dependable services to bring affordable, fresh, clean water to Palm Coast, FL. We are a family owned independent dealer dedicated to protecting your home and family from common water contaminants that sink in pipes through the ground and harshly impact appliances, clothes, skin, even plumbing. A free water analysis will pinpoint the exact contamination levels of your water supply, so we can prepare of remedy of water treatment for Palm Coast, FL that uniquely and efficiently suits your needs.

90 percent of our service calls are completed that very same day. We believe in prompt accurate service with follow up visits included free of charge. Our technicians receive extensive and ongoing training on the leading brands in the industry. Your water quality depends on the highest industry standards of water treatment and water softening in Palm Coast, FL.

Never Settle For Hard Water

Excess amounts of calcium and magnesium can build up in your water supply and cause “hard water”. Hard water is considered nontoxic for drinking, but can have a costly effect on water appliances, stain dishes with unsightly water marks, and leave skin dry and damaged. Left untreated, mineral deposits will damage pipes and hinder soaps and laundry quality. Water softening for Palm Coast, FL homes is easy and affordable. The resulting improvement in water quality will save on costs brought on by the stresses of hard water.

We carry a full line of systems for water softener in Palm Cost, FL. Our systems use less than half the water of competitor’s brands and significantly less salt. Our goal is to help local families obtain safe, pure water with access to highly efficient, affordable, and earth friendly technology.

Affordable, Clean Water for Palm Coast, FL

Does your tap water seem discolored? Are you dealing with a unpleasant sulfur smell? Comprehensive water treatment in Palm Coast, FL is one of the wisest investments you can make in your home. Our triple treat filtration system quickly and thoroughly removes chemicals, odors, and hardness from every tap, leaving only quality untainted water. You will immediately notice the immeasurable difference of bathing, cooking, cleaning, and drinking with properly treated water.

If water collected from a well supply is at risk for a variety of toxins that sink in through cracks underground. Whether you are ready to install a beneficial water softener in Palm Coast, FL or you would like to know more about the possible contaminants in your water supply, call today for your free water analysis.