New Hydrogen Peroxide Water Softening Systems

Family owned and operated for 28 years, J.C. Galloway & Son in DeLand, The Water Doctors are excited to offer water softening and filtration services at the lowest possible to their customers. Being family owned and operated allows J.C. Galloway & Son to offer new and improved Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment at a price families can afford.

The condition of most Florida water means that most, if not all residents should take some steps to safeguard themselves and their families from harmful microbes and potentially dangerous chemicals in their Volusia County homes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Well Water Treatment System
Hydrogen Peroxide Well Water Treatment System
Same Results, Less Stress

Hydrogen Peroxide water treatment systems off a number of potential benefits over traditional, salt-based systems:

--Less maintenance over the life of the system
--Longer-lasting carbon filter
--Cleaner & safer water for you and your family

Currently installed chlorine and bleach-based systems can be converted to hydrogen peroxide water treatment by the experts at J.C. Galloway & Son, The Water Doctors, at minimal expense to customers.

Certified & Experienced

J.C. Galloway & Son are both Water Quality Association members, and bring over 24 years of combined field experience to your doorstep in order to meet your water treatment needs. Whether you are updating an old system, performing routine maintenance, or installing a brand new Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment System, count on J.C. Galloway & Son, The Water Doctors for dependable, professional service in your home or office.

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