Clean Water for Bunnell, FL

Are the taps in your house producing bitter tasting, discolored water? Are you living with the disconcerting odor of rotten eggs coming from your pipes? Do your dishes emerge from the washer stained with murky grey spots? These common water problems and more are the results of toxins, minerals, and sulfides contaminating your water supply. Water treatment in Bunnell, FL alleviates the symptoms of hard or tainted water with thorough filtration and nonchemical treatments that produce pure, fresh drinking water from every tap.

For over 20 years, J.C. Galloway and Son has provided top quality water treatment and water softening to Bunnell, FL. We are a local independent dealer, family owned and operated and dedicated to producing affordable water solutions with the latest eco friendly technologies.

Your Service for Water Treatment in Bunnell, FL Include:

  • Installation and Repairs for a Full Line of Products
  • Skilled Technicians with Extensive and Ongoing Training
  • Same Day Service With Nearly Every Request
  • Convenient Financing Options
  • Free Water Analysis
  • Free Follow Up Inspections
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Easy Fix for Hard Water

Installing a water softener in Bunnell, FL will bring a remarkable difference in the taste and quality of your tap water. Heavy deposits of Iron and Magnesium absorbed into the water supply cause a "hardness" that lessens the effectiveness of detergents and leaves the skin with a dry chalky feel. Not all water problems are immediately noticeable. Water hardness is the most commonly overlooked trouble facing local homes today.

Proper water softening for Bunnell, FL homes can save you the cost of damaged pipes and appliances, not to mention the additional 30 percent in utility costs from an inefficient water supply. We carry a full line of systems ranging in size, function, efficiency, price, and warranty. Regardless of your situation and the current condition of your water supply, we are able to confidently match you with the most effective water softener Bunnell, FL has available.

Call the Water Doctor Today

Whether your clean water in Bunnell, FL is drawn from well or city water, your home is at risk for a variety of pesticides, bacteria, and minerals that seep in from under the ground. Our trained water experts provide thorough water analysis at no extra cost in order to ascertain the ideal water treatment. We deliver prompt and accurate results, often within the same day.Call now, and begin the first steps to enjoying pure, high quality water.