Chloramines for Water Treatment

We now carry chloramine pre-treatment filters for refrigerators and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to remove chloramines. Your current water filtration system probably does not provide this important benefit. Contact The Water Doctor today at 386-985-9960 to find out more about how to get a chloramine pre-treatment filter today.

If you live in the Deltona, Edgewater, or Palm Coast city water treatment area you are at risk from Chloramines. These two cities have recently made this major change in their water treatment systems to comply with water treatment standards. Your current water treatment system will most likely not remove chloramines unless it had been upgraded with a special carbon. Please read the following information and contact The Water Doctor for proper treatment. Chloramine Warning!

Are Chloramines Really Good for Water Treatment?

TAKE A SECOND LOOK! Several municipalities have decided or are deciding to change their primary method of water disinfection from chlorine to Chloramines, as a cost savings measure. This may at first seem like a great thing to do, beware Flint Michigan made a quick decision that seemed good at the time but with disastrous results.

Even though the words chlorine and Chloramines may look and sound a lot alike the chemicals themselves are very different:

  1. Both disinfect the water and are EPA approved. However it can take up to 100 times as much Chloramines to inactivate waterborne microbes.

  2. Chlorine can be removed with many types of carbon, boiling, distilling, or just simply left to stand in an open container. Chloramines cannot be removed this way.

  3. Water containing Chloramines can combine with organic matter in water to produce toxic chemicals such as iodoacids and nitrosamines. According to David Sedlak of the University of California Berkeley, “these combinations could be about 1,000 times more carcinogenic then the infectious byproducts we have been worried about with regular old Chlorine."

  4. Chloramines can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and digestive disorders according to an article in Water Quality Products magazine.

  5. Chloramine usage accelerates the leaching of soldering agents from old piping systems.

Treating your water to remove Chloramines requires whole house water treatment with a high grade of Catalytic coconut shell carbon, Reverse Osmosis or very specific ultraviolet light.

Please contact J.C. Galloway The Water Doctor to get a recommendation of which method is best for your application. Also being informed and voicing you opinion could prevent your water utility company from considering this method of treatment

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